Online Baccarat Variation

These days when people speak about baccarat in most cases they mean the American version of the game popular in North America. Like online blackjack baccarat has many variations played in other countries and at the best online casinos. They may differ in the names and rules but the main idea of the game remains the same.

Chemin de fer Baccarat Variation

This baccarat variation is played in most European casino halls, especially in France. The object of the game is to get the winning hand as close to 9 as possible. The most striking difference is that in Chemin de fer the casino never acts like the banker. The role of the banker is passed from player to player thus the shoe on the table moves like the train. This is the reason why this version of baccarat got its name, as Chemin de Fer means “train” in French. Moreover, in Chemin de fer baccarat variation the casino does not take direct part in the game like in American baccarat. It only controls the process of the game, whether the rules are followed, and provides the necessary equipment for the game. As a result the commission fee taken from the players is the pay for these services. And the last difference is that in Chemin de fer the players are allowed to choose whether to be dealt the third card or not. They may stand on five unlike in Nevada baccarat where the player who has total of 5 or less hits automatically.

European Baccarat Variation

Again, we compare this baccarat variation with the American one. The main difference involves the possibility of drawing or standing on 5 and the banker is also provided with the option to choose whether to draw the third card or not. In addition, the casino usually finances the banker hands and the players are charged commission on the winning hands. You can find this game version over the Net along with the rare versions of online blackjack or poker.

Baccarat en Banque

This baccarat variation is also played in some European casino halls but unlike in other version in Baccarat en banque the casino always acts like the banker, it means that the casino employee operates the bank and the players never play the role of the banker. This rule allows to make much larger bets and play the game minimum with one player at the table. But for example, in Chemin de Fer the game can take place only if there are minimum two players at the baccarat table. Moreover, according to the Baccarat en banque the player can’t bet on the dealer but he is allowed to bet on one or both players hands. And at last in some casinos the payouts on the tie bet in this baccarat variation are higher than in other gambling halls. Traditionally the winner is paid 8-to-1, but this size can be raised to 9-to-1.