The Best Baccarat Systems

Speaking about betting systems in casino games when it comes to baccarat it is impossible to find out any perfect one successfully used in the real game. The most well-known baccarat systems involve pattern watching and card counting systems. In addition, some players got used to follow other mathematical systems they consider to be working and most reliable.

Pattern watching system

In most casinos you can see special electronic boards which display the results of each baccarat game. These results are preserved on the screen during the next games so that the players can track the course of the game and spot the pattern which will help to predict the results of the following games. You may wonder why the casinos allow and even encourage the usage of these baccarat systems since in other casino games (like blackjack) they strictly forbidden. The reason is that in fact the outcome of every game is independent and can’t affect what will happen next. For example, if in the previous game the results were in favor of the banker you may foresee that in the next game the results will be in favor of the gambler. But to be honest, the chances of both variants are equal. Al last, you must understand that in case pattern watching baccarat systems really worked the casinos would not approve them like in case of blackjack card counting.

Card counting system

Card counting system is based on the idea of tracking the used cards and allows to predict the chances of other cards to be dealt. This system really has sense in the game of blackjack but in baccarat it still can be used though it is less effective. Moreover, in some casinos the used cards are usually returned to the shoe so these baccarat systems are useless at all. When you play at online casinos it is almost impossible to guess what cards will be dealt next.

Mathematical systems

Mathematical baccarat systems were invented and are used in both baccarat and roulette games. Martingale system is one of the most popular one and it states that the player is to double his or her bet after each loss as eventually it is possible to cover all the losses and beat the bank. In fact these baccarat systems may work only in the short run otherwise you risk to end broke. One more system is called 1-3 -2 -6 baccarat system and it actually the kind of controlling your bets over 4 hand sets. In fact this system is the attempt to manage your bankroll rather than the way to win. According to these baccarat systems first you decide on the betting unit, let it be $5. So in the first hand set you bet one unit ($5) till you win, then you bet three units ($15) again till you win, then you bet two units ($10) and in the last hand set increase betting amount to six units ($30). If you track all the losses and winnings according to your bets you see that eventually you can win $120. There are even more baccarat systems and strategies used by the players all over the world but all they tend to fail. If you want to win big and your aim is to stay in the game as long as possible we do not recommend you to follow any of these systems. Of course, it doesn’t mean that they are totally useless, in case they help you to make betting decisions it is your choice to follow them. Finally, the use of one of already existing or invented by your own baccarat systems may add up to the excitement from the game, so play and enjoy the game!

We offer you to play baccarat online, but always be careful because gambling leads to addiction. That is why if you play constantly and feel that this is your bad habit, look for problem gambling help.