Betting Baccarat Strategies

Some players are convinced that it is impossible to apply any successful baccarat strategies and the same in case of winning systems when you play slots online games or roulette. But they actually mean in-depth baccarat strategies, the basic one like for example in the game of blackjack. That’s why most gamblers tend to avoid baccarat game because the absence of steady strategy means that success in baccarat game is based purely on luck. But in fact most casino games have the elements of chance and it is not the reason not to play the game with the best winning odds. Moreover, there exist baccarat strategies or better to say baccarat recommendations successfully used by greater part of the baccarat players.

In case you follow smart baccarat tips you can lower the house edge to 0.6% while even without using any baccarat strategies the house advantage is also quite low, only  1.06%. If your aim is to reduce the size of house edge below 1% point you are to follow some recommendation on how to choose the casino to play baccarat. Most gambling halls feature the games which are played with eight decks and the players are to pay 5% commission on the some winning bets. But you are always lucky to play during different tournaments and promotions when the number of the decks is reduced to six and the size of commission fee – to 4%. So, the betting tips below will become the basis of your baccarat strategies and will help you to win more frequently rather than lose constantly. Every time you sit at the baccarat table bear in mind:

  1. The bet on the banker provides the lower house advantage compared with the bet on the player, even if you are to pay commission, so although the odds of two bets are the same you are recommended to make bets on the banker.
  2. Track the used 4's and 6's in the deck. In case more 4's leave the deck the probability of the bet on the banker to win are slightly high. Otherwise, if more 6's leave the deck, the bet on the player is more lucky.
  3. In case there were more winning bets on the player you are better to follow this tendency and bet on the player too, or vice versa, if the bank wins more often you are to place bets on the banker.
  4. Avoid tie bets as the house edge is very high.
  5. When playing baccarat always try to manage your bankroll. According to best baccarat strategies you must set some money limits and choose the baccarat table with the affordable minimum bets. You always can choose mini-baccarat game with the smaller stakes.

The rest information on winning strategies in card games you can get at Ken Uston Site and in John Marchel's book.